Saturday, April 10, 2010

» Planet openSUSE: improvements and call for translators

Implemented further improvements on Planet openSUSE:
  • better performance, as the CSS and Javascript are now minified (thanks to the opensource YUI Compressor)
  • optimized all PNG files using pngcrush
  • the static text is now localizable, currently with translations in French and German (more on that below)
  • upgraded the Feedparser module that is bundled with Rawdog to its latest SVN trunk version as it fixes an annoying bug that affected at the very least all feeds served by Wordpress, and ships a few improvements on markup sanitization
  • a small "member" tag is now also shown in the posts when applicable
If you would like to help, I'm looking for translators for Polish, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese in order to localize the Planet openSUSE interface in those languages too. If you're interested, read the instructions :)

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

» Planet openSUSE fixes and improvements

More fixes fixes and features on the new Planet openSUSE:
  • RSS, FOAF and OPML feeds are now generated for each language separately, containing only the posts/authors that have a blog in that language
  • there's a new "language" named "any" that aggregates the posts and authors for all languages, combined -- if you want to see all the contributors who blog on our planet, use the global feed list page instead of the per-language one
  • many UTF-8 fixes -- and, indeed, Python sucks at unicode
  • nothing visible, but I rewrote the whole templating and rendering to use the Jinja templating library, which is a lot nicer than the very limited home-grown templating rawdog provides
Note that if you previously added the RSS feed of Planet openSUSE to your feed reader, you'll have to re-add it (English, German, Spanish, etc...). Also, going to will result in a redirect to

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

» Planet openSUSE feature: overview

Just added a new feature to Planet openSUSE: when you press the "o" key or click the "Overview" link, it splits the view into two "panels" (sort of), with a blog post title navigation on the top, and the content on the bottom half. Only tested with Firefox 3 though, and as it's done with quite some Javascript and CSS magic, it might very well look disastrous on other browsers. If there are issues, please let me know. And, of course, as always: "patches are welcome" :)

Monday, April 05, 2010

» New Planet openSUSE

I just switched Planet openSUSE over to the new design. Enjoy :)


Thursday, April 01, 2010

» Planet openSUSE #2.1

As I just recently blogged about, I'm busy on a facelift of PlanetSUSE. I made some more progress, and it's almost ready for production:
  • improved style
  • proper feed list (on a separate page)
  • vim-like keyboard navigation (j, k)
  • hackergotchis and speaking bubbles on the right (matter of taste, I guess)
  • tested on w3m (works great)
  • the feed list aggregates feeds by name
  • test + fix with more browsers, although I already had positive reports from many, including mobile browsers (elastic/fluid layout rocks after all ;))
  • non-English planets
  • a mobile browser optimised page (to be discussed, ideas/feedback is more than welcome, I don't own such a thing)
  • integrate the nice Planet SUSE logo made by Jakub "jimmac" Steiner (still waiting for the SVG, *prod* *prod* ;))
And, of course, if you like/dislike it, or if you have additional ideas on the layout or features, please let me know (best by email, more convenient than blog comments ;)). But seriously, everyone should get a hackergotchi, looks a lot better than the fallback geeko!